Wednesday, February 22, 2006


This is my last entry from Antarctica. It has been a great 5 months! I am excited to get on to new things but this was an experience that can not be matched. Below are a few friends that made this experience for me.

I'll try and keep the blog going as I travel...

All of us at the bar in dorm 202

Chris in his dress before the cycle cross

Packman and Drew showing off their new tattoos

Dianne, Trish and Holly hiking the Cape Armatige trail

Jawn, me and Trish at new years

Emily, me, Brian and Trish at the LA airport coming down to the ice

The fire crew on Halloween

Russ Clayton hiking on Castle Rock

Me and Jawn on Christmas day

Me, Jawn and Ron at Hut Point

Me, Dianne, Vanessa and Scott hiking on the castle Rock Trail.

The baby seal we had to chase off the road on the way to catch an airplane

Little Fuzzy head the penguin. He was on the road with the baby seal trying to catch the plane to NZ. I wanted to take him home with me, but he didn't want to go all the way back to CO.... Maybe next year.

Random Parting Shots

Just some parting shots of the area. I am out of here Feb 27,2006. That marks the end of my Antarctic tour for 2005-2006. It's been a good 5 months. I am considering coming back next year. Time will tell....

McMurdo, now Feb 2006.

Ice crystals.

The first moon over the Royal Society Mountain Range. The range is on the other side of the island.

The sun and moon setting over the south pole.

Barn Glacier, the closest Glacier to McMurdo.

Scott Base, the Kiwi Base 2 miles away.

How to catch a penguin

The proper way to catch a penguin: First find a few Adele penguins that look a bit lost (these were out on the point near town)

Make sure they are walking in the right direction...

It's ok if they choose to slide a bit...

Let them sleep in the middle of the road if necessary...

If all else fails, hunt them down with a plane..

When they start to get tired...

And cranky and begin to throw a tantrum..

Pose next to them (this is XXXL at the airfield)

Look sexy next to them (Capt Walters)

And you might just end up with one in the hand!