Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dive Tending

As a side trip, I got to go with the divers and help them. This is considered a privilege and is given to people who are doing a good job. With the divers it was my job to keep the hole open and help them in and out of their equipment. As a reward, Steve (one of the divers) gave me a copy of some pictures he took underwater.

This is Steve Clabuesch. He is one of the divers. Back home he works for University of California Santa Cruz as the dive safety officer. He is the one that provided the pictures for me.

Looking up the dive hole at the second diver's flippers. The divers usually go about 70-120 ft down. They say the visibility is about 2000 ft.

This is Steve swimming up the ice trench. The water is about 70 ft deep at this point.

This is Steve Clabuesch swimming along an ice trench. They use dry suits because the water is 28.5 degrees F.

The dark blue is an ice wall about 20 ft thick.

This is some of the coral. Down here it grows twice as big as in the states.

This is one of the fish I caught in it's natural home. (This is the one that got away)

There are large jellyfish here. This one is almost as big as Steve's dive partner.

A big pile of sea worms.

Sea Spiders.

Steve with a large sea sponge.

Small Jellyfish


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