Monday, December 19, 2005

Meet My Fire Crew

This is the 20 or so people I work with every day. You can see why work is so much fun.

Chief Sharon DiGicomo. Chief has been down for the last 8 years. She worked as a firefighter before she made chief. Off season she lives in the Denver area.

Capt. Brian Walters and his wife Christin. Christin is a dispatcher. They are from Nebraska where Brian played football. He was on the national championship Nebraska team in 1997. In the off season Brian works for Lincon Fire and Christin is a personal trainer. This is their first year on the ice.

Lt. Drew Martin. He is originally from New Hampshire but now calls California home. This is his third year down on the ice. At home he is a wild land firefighter. Drew is the one who always has playing cards and is a real killer at the game RISK.

Lt. Trent Meyers. He is from Calfornia right now but tends to move around a bit. In the off season he is a river guide. This is Trent's 5th season down on the ice. He is one of the few on the crew who has wintered.

Lt. Scott Brock. Scott is married to the dispatcher Vanessa. They are from Florida but have moved to Georgia. Scott was working as a firefighter in Key West, FL. before they came to the ice. It is the Brock's first year. I hike and recreate with the Brocks quite a bit. When the season is over, they plan on hiking the entire Appellation trail.

JT Tuning (blond) and Nick Caple (dark hair) Nick is the last LT. He is a smoke jumper in the offseson in Idaho.

JT is from Oregon and has been a volunteer firefighter up there. He was the last one to come down this year.

This is a first year for both.

Trish Christenson. Trish is orginally from Utah but now calls CO. home. She works for Pridemark Ambulance and Louisville Fire in the off season. This is her first year. Together with Dianne and myself, we are refered as the "fire flys". Trish also makes a killer berry smoothy!

Emily. She works in CO in the mountains. Emily had a family emergency in late October and had to leave the ice.

Nick Yarns. Nick is from Seattle where he works as a volunteer.
This is Nick's first year.

Brian Spegial. Brian was a dish washer down here last year. Over the summer he did all his fire training so he could return as a firefighter. This is his second year on the ice.

Lori Grevel. Lori is the dispatcher. She has been coming down to the ice 5 years now. She has wintered a few times also. Lori is from Arvada, Co, went to the same Jr. high as I did, swam on the same year round swim team and lives about 3 miles from my mom. I never met her in the states.

Andre Fluette from Baltamore. This is also his first year and he is wintering this year. What was he thinking? Andre is a great photographer and has taken a bunch of the photos I have sent out.

Scott Griffith (in the hat) and Justin Smith (green shirt). These are the 2 youngest firefighters of the bunch. Scott just turned 20 on the ice. He is from Castle Rock CO. We all call him Bobby Brady. Justin is from Florida. He is "New Guy" eventhough he was not the last one here. He is also going to winter.

Shawn Powers. Shane is one of the other medics. He is from Alaska and is not afraid to wear pink! This is his first year.

Diane Mibich. Diane is from San Francisco. She works for the forest service with Drew in the off season. This is her first year. Diane is always up for a party and is a kick to hang with.

Jimmy Widell. We call Jimmy the squirle on crack. He is a hyper one. This is his first year. He plans to come back next year and winter.

Matt Gigolitti. Matt is another of the paramedics. He is from Co. Springs and this is also his first year.

Patrick John. Pat is from Salt Lake. He is a medic and this is his first year

Dispatcher Sheri Nemont. Sheri is the most Sr. person in the fire dept having come down more than anyone can count. Sheri is from the Denver area.

So this is the crew. Hope you like it!


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